22 February 2024



We report the comments of the teacher Riccardo Giaconia AEM Solution Developer Forms Certified: “It was a wonderful experience where we were able to rationalize the learning path linked to AEM Forms, in 3 months full of interactions and challenges for the students. I am sure that the Developers trained, with the tools they have acquired today, will be able to play an important role in the realization of these CodeHills and CodeLand projects.”

The AEM Forms Academy provides important tools for Backend developers to become Adobe Forms developers. The path is outlined over 3 months in which, after an initial theoretical phase, we move on to implementation phases. The last part of the training is the inclusion within a project team for the implementation of project tasks and to experience the field experience of a real work activity, in internship mode.

The topics covered are the creation and management of Forms, creation and management of processes, workflows, Adaptive Forms templates, through specific tools ma

de available by AEM Forms such as Workbench, Designer.

An important module on document accessibility is taught in the final part of the course, enabling the creation of accessible document outputs.

The first edition of the course was held in 2023 and saw the participation of 6 candidates selected from 100 BE Developer candidates.