2 January 2024

ArcaReggio.it, the first CodeHills live of 2024!

The 2nd of January 2024 starts with a live for CodeHills, the ArcaReggio.it website. The website of the new water multi-utility service for the Italian city of Reggio Emilia, born exactly 1st January 2024 ARCA srl is a company with predominantly public capital.

A new, fresh site in the wake of the refactoring of the Iren Group sites.

Alain Niyonema CodeHills Tech Leader of the project: “We are proud of the creation of this site, launched in November 2023 in collaboration with Cultur-e and PWC. It is inserted into Adobe’s AEM cloud and integrates with some Iren services such as the quality site for water of different towns served, also allowing users to wide interaction with the company through touch points such as the Iren APP”.

Stefano Scotti CEO of CodeHills “As part of CodeHills‘ collaboration with CodeLand which is part of the RTI with Cultur-e, PWC we created this site within the expected timescales with attention to quality and performance. We expect other creations of this type in 2024, which allow the Iren Group to adapt communications and services to the territories”.