20 November 2023

The launch of CodeHills in Rwanda, a new landscape of Adobe Experience Manager in Africa

In a momentous leap for CodeLand, its latest venture, CodeHills, has officially opened its doors in Rwanda, heralding a new era of technological brilliance on the African continent. CodeLand, established in 2008 in Italy, has been a stalwart in the technology industry, expanding its reach to Spain with CodeBay. Now, CodeHills takes center stage in Rwanda, showcasing CodeLand’s commitment to global tech innovation.

The journey to CodeHills‘ establishment in Rwanda began in 2020 when CodeLand initiated a collaboration with a handful of developers in the country. In just three years, this collaboration blossomed into a vibrant community of 40 skilled developers, exemplifying both the burgeoning talent in the Rwandan tech community and CodeLand’s dedication to local expertise.

The official launch event of CodeHills marked a triumphant celebration of innovation, attended by its  board members and all developers . It served as a testament to the remarkable achievements of CodeHills and its team of developers, setting the stage for a new era in Rwandan technology.

CodeHills proudly claims the title of the company with the largest number of Adobe Experience Manager experts in Africa. This distinction not only underscores the technical prowess of the CodeHills team but also positions the company as a leader in the African tech industry, specializing in a critical content management solution.

The launch event itself was a spectacle of technological prowess, featuring presentations, live demonstrations of CodeHills‘ projects, and insightful panel discussions on the future of technology in Rwanda. The enthusiasm and energy at the event reflected the excitement surrounding CodeHills‘ entry into the Rwandan tech landscape.

Beyond technological achievements, CodeHills is committed to social responsibility. During the launch event, the company announced plans for community engagement programs, mentorship initiatives, and educational partnerships, aligning with CodeLand‘s broader mission to positively impact the communities it operates in.

As CodeHills sets its sights on reshaping the technology landscape in Rwanda, the company envisions becoming a catalyst for innovation, job creation, and overall development in the local tech ecosystem.