< Our History />

Our values, strenghts and capabilities are coming from our history. A long and wonderful journey 

  • DotLand

    In November 2003, a mission from the Polytechnic of Milan – METID visits the Alessandro Sauli high school in Muhura (Gatsibo District), with the aim of starting e-Learning programs to train teachers and students remotely. In the team that took part in the mission, the CEO of CodeHills Stefano Scotti here seated in the photo in the IT Lab together with the Professor Anastase Musafiri first right and Students, Marcel stand up, Lambert in front PC, Eric next and Gianfranco Elia stand up today IT Project Manager of CodeLand. 

  • METID in collaboration with DotLand

    In August 2004 a VSAT dish was installed to bring the Internet to the Alessandro Sauli High School and the first distance learning courses began through an e-learning platform developed by METID in collaboration with DotLand, the company from which CodeLand was born in 2015. 

  • ST Microelectronics Foundation

    Between 2004 and 2010 various implementations of these laboratories were carried out in Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Uganda thanks to the support of the ST Microelectronics Foundation. Through the LMS platform developed by DotLand and METID the various schools access the online courses. 

  • Umuhoza Eric

    In 2006, Alessandro Sauli high school student Eric Umuhoza won a scholarship to the Polytechnic of Milan and began a brilliant IT career, obtaining a degree in Computer Engineering and subsequently a doctorate at the Polytechnic of Milan. This will allow him to first become an Assistant Professor of Databases in Italy and then in 2016 to return to Rwanda as a Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. 

  • CodeLand collaboration, AEM Academy

    In 2019, a collaboration began between CodeLand and Eric Umuhoza to test Software Developers trained at Rwandan universities in CodeLand projects. In 2020, an ad hoc program, the Academy on AEM, was created to specifically train AEM Developers for CodeLand projects. 

  • Rwanda initiative – CodeHills

    In 2020 the Academy trains 10 AEM Developers, in 2021 another 15 in 2023 another 15 on 23 November 2023 CodeHills is established in Kigali, a company with 40 Developers, with 2 Managers, 5 Tech Leaders and 32 FE and AEM Developers who contribute to the creation of the CodeLand projects. 

  • Today

    23rd  November 2023 CodeHills ltd was born at the RDB headquarters in Kigali.

  • Speech from CEO

    End of 2023 first CodeLand Summit take place at Onomo Hotel in Kigali, the CodeHIlls President Ignazio Locatelli is leading the introduction to the Summit.