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We started working on AEM CMS in late 2008 on CQ 5.2.1 version investigating, understanding, even reverse engineering the solution in order to understand why some pieces of code were not as efficient as we wanted.
We don’t just use the CMS, we know and understand how it has been built. And this, believe us, makes the real difference on this platform. Our team is able to setup the best CMS solution based on AEM across all industries.

We are not scared about integrations, we love them. We love AEM because it’s an incredibly open platform giving us the possibility to speed up developments and deliver any possible required customization when required.
We believe in best practices, because they are the best way to ensure efficient and time-resistant solutions. But we are ready to discuss and evaluate them, keeping focused on the only important goal: customer success.

AEM Architecture

Our Architects can support you in designing and implementing Adobe Deployments based on best practices. We are able to support both On Premises deployment and AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or Adobe Managed Services as setting up the correct deployment model is crucial for a succesful project.

Many times our architects have been called by Adobe staff to resolve unefficient and under performant solutions: most of the times the problem was on the architecture, choosing a bad deployment model and not tuning it to the real cuscomer scenario.
Our “performance and scalability first approach” assure to our customers to obtain the maximum from their AEM installation both on premise or on cloud.

AEM Migration

Migrating large websites from one technology stack to another, from one AEM version to a new one can be challenging.
Frequently OOTB migration tools may work without much effort, leaving “only” code adaptations and no-regression tests. But when version jumps increase, or when the AEM platform is quite large or with a lot of custom developments, things can start to become difficult.

Our team has managed a lot of Cq5 / AEM migrations, using different tools (or don’t using at all). Our expertise arises from different challenging migrations (even from CQ 5.4 to AEM 6.1). Understanding the way AEM work are the best way to be sure to get the most from OOTB tools and to achieve the result when they fail, as it may happen.