< Frontend Solutions />

CodeHills team includes frontend experts able to support you in designing and implementing your Online User Experience using the latest web technologies like Vue Js and React to list a few of them.

In all of our developments, we ensure to include the following principles:

Pixel Perfect

The ability to follow your design system in all the conditions and on all devices

Web Performance

setting up all the available technical solutions to have performant websites in terms of download and rendering speed, aligning to standard KPIs like Google Speed Index


Setting up all necessary HTML techniques to ensure proper indexing on search engines


Applying what is required on the frontend to satisfy accessibility rules

Adobe AEM Focused: all our frontend experts are able to operate on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) content management system. CodeHills believes that stunning results can be achieved through direct integration of frontenders with the AEM development pipeline, empowering frontenders with the capability to directly design and implement templates and components, collaborating side by side with backend users on the CMS. Thanks to this tight integration we are able to deliver faster and better.